Modern History of Rajasthan PDF


The Modern History of Rajasthan PDF enlists the important topics in history of Rajasthan during the modern period (1700- 1947). This book deals with only political, administrative and economical aspects of Rajasthan during 1700-1947 and cultural aspects have been covered under the Literature, Art, Architecture, Culture & Heritage of Rajasthan.

Total Pages: 60


The Modern History of Rajasthan PDF includes following chapters:

  • New States in Rajasthan during Modern Period
    • Jat Rulers of Bharatpur
    • Kachwaha Rulers of Modern Alwar State
    • Kachwaha Rulers of Jaipur
    • Shekhawats of Sikar
    • Rulers of Jhalawar
  • Maratha Power in Rajasthan
    • Maratha in Rajasthan
  • British Rule & Freedom Movement in Rajasthan
    • British Treaty with Rajputana States
    • Revolt of 1857 in Rajasthan
    • Press and Journalism during British Rule
    • Major Associations of Political Awareness
    • Peasant Movements in Rajasthan
    • Tribal Movements in Rajasthan
    • Freedom Fighters of Rajasthan
    • Praja Mandal Movement in Rajasthan
    • Administration of Rajasthan under British Rule
    • Land Revenue System in Rajasthan during British
  • Post Independence History of Rajasthan
    • Rajasthan State Formation: Post Independence